Panel - Towards Advanced Air Mobility: Ecological, Social and Economic Challenges of the Aerial Mobility of the Future

Thursday, October 14, 2021 10:35 AM to 11:24 AM
Channel 5
Sustainable development presented by Valtech


Whether for commuter traffic, freight transport or disaster control - new air traffic concepts should make everyday life easier and be climate-friendly at the same time. This requires not only new business models, but also technological innovations. The aircraft of the future must fly as autonomously as possible, be electrically powered and be usable in both metropolitan and rural environments. So what must the air transport of the future look like?

Scientists from four leading regions in the research of “Advanced Air Mobility” will exchange their views on the current challenges and possible opportunities of new air traffic concepts for their home countries Québec (Canada), Bavaria (Germany), Georgia (USA), São Paulo (Brazil), and worldwide. 

The scientists are part of the RLS-Global Aerospace Campus, an international network connecting researchers from the seven Regional Leaders’ Summit partner regions. Their joint online course "Advanced (Urban) Air Mobility" will be published soon. 

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